LOOKS & MEII Cosmetics

“Inner and outer beauty that coexists beautifully for all”

Looks & Meii Cosmetics strongly believe that the true beauty is created from both inside and outside. Satisfying outlook will give confidence and positive energy for all. We prioritize authentic beauty with careful research and analysis for all skin types. 

As Looks & Meii value our products to be safe and trust-worthy, our team’s Beautyologists research countlessly and explore worldwide to find the best ingredients for our products. We value honesty and sincerity the most for all our products. Expanding our worldwide research and high-technology skills to find the best and new formulas definitely support our products’ great quality. 

We keep up to date with new beauty trends while staying classy to balance both to create a healthy and beautiful look. All our products are carefully curated and supervised to fit for all skin types. We also value the upcoming trends with beauty influencers and collaborative creators for our products to stay classy with creative & modern design/look. 

Our company is located in New York, U.S. Also has an office in Seoul, South Korea and Shanghai, China. As we are located in the most influential and stylish cities in the world, Looks & Meii is confident that our products are trust-worthy and can help all skin types to become healthier and beautiful. Our goal is to provide the best product for all to balance their inner and outer beauty.